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10 Reasons You Should Hire (or find a NEW) Outsourced Accounting and Tax Professional
April 8, 2020 at 12:00 AM
by Shona Bell, CPA
10 Reasons You Should Hire (or find a NEW) Outsourced Accounting and Tax Professional

For those that cringe at the thought of working on their numbers and have never realized the beauty in healthy financials … this message is for you.

Entrepreneurs/small business owners are brilliant!!! WE ARE! We have special brains, creative minds, a passion to go for the gusto and grit to never quit. Now these talents also come with an “I can do it all” attitude. And that is very possible. I know it. I am an entrepreneur speaking from experience.

BUT…should you do it all? If you have not read the book The E-Myth (Revisited) by Micheal E. Gerber, please put it in your Amazon cart now, use an Audible credit, do what you need to do and get/read this book. This goes through the different roles you must, must, must separate in order to grow a successful business.

Now, accounting and taxes are typically a business owners’ least favorite task, especially when your cash flow seems to be going in one direction and that is OUT the DOOR or tax time seems to roll around too quickly. I get it. What some of us do not realize is you are likely doing things you could do, but should you? Or you might be relying on a professional this is more relaxed than you need.   

So here they are:

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire (or find a NEW) Outsourced Accounting and Tax Professional

1.       You simply do not like reconciling your books. This is okay, but means someone should be doing it.

2.       You can reconcile your books, you tell yourself you will, but you don’t.   

3.       You have not analyzed your numbers in…..well…who knows how long.

4.       You have a great product or service, but your business and numbers are contracting vs. growing.

5.       You have not filed your taxes in the last year and/or are not paying quarterly payments.

6.       You have never received a tax plan and/or have no clue what it is.

7.       You realize you created a job vs. a business.

8.       You are spending more time in the books vs. growing the business.

9.       You have not had a sit down conversation (or ZOOM) with an accountant in the last 30 days.

10.   You have to hunt down your accountant to get your monthly reports. (Not cool)

If you find yourself relating to any of this, lets connect and help you find the beauty in the financial side of your business.