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Meet Beyond Accounting & Tax: your outsourced accounting services
July 20, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Meet Beyond Accounting & Tax: your outsourced accounting services

Whether you’re a small business, growing company, or nonprofit organization, you need someone to take care of your accounting. From balancing your books to managing payroll to advising with important financial decisions, you must have somebody who knows how to take care of the money side of your operation. At Beyond Accounting & Tax, we understand that not every organization has the money or bandwidth for in-house accounting. This is why we offer outsourced accounting services. Keep reading our guide to learn more about us and how we can help you with your accounting needs.

Outsourced CFO and tax services

Small and growing companies don’t often have their executive team built out. While there might be strong leadership at the top, it’s not uncommon to be missing certain pieces to your team while growing. You can outsource the CFO position to our team to help you understand the financial and tax implications of your growing business. We’ll provide you with expert advice to make sure that you’re keeping your money in order.

Planning for tax season is a crucial part of managing your finances. Few things are worse than feeling like you’re cutting a huge profit, then having much of that taken away as you pay out a large amount for your tax responsibility. Our tax services will help you prepare for tax season with tax planning services that will project your responsibility while providing you with ways that you can prepare for them.

Our team specializes in working with three particular industries that include nonprofit organizations, real estate professionals, and mental health professionals. See below what we can do for you.


Running a nonprofit organization is a big responsibility. Certain criteria must be met to maintain your nonprofit status as well as strict money management that, if done improperly, could lead to you losing your nonprofit status with the federal government. Our services will assist with budget preparation and management, as well as provide you with tax preparation to ensure that your organization runs smoothly and properly.

Real estate professionals

Real estate professionals like brokers, investors, and property managers often work in large amounts of money, which can lead to a large tax responsibility. Our tax experts can help you to prepare accordingly with our technology that’s designed to make tax preparation fast and easy. We’ll also assist with scenario planning and estimates so you’re ready to file sooner than later and not surprised when your taxes come due. When we apply our strategies to your business, it will save you thousands in taxes. That means much more money stays in your pocket.

Mental health professionals

Managing a mental health practice takes a lot of work. From paying rent to the building where your clinic is located to payroll to billing and collecting money from insurance companies, you need people who know exactly how it all works. Our team can provide you with advice to make sure that your budget balances and your business is running smoothly. We can also help you plan for the future if you’re looking to grow beyond where you’re at now.

Schedule a call

If your looking for outsourced accounting services and CFO services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Beyond Accounting & Tax. We’ll help your business or organization stay on track financially with tax planning and accounting services. Reach out by calling 571-410-0158 or sending an email directly at We look forward to working with you and helping to build your organization.