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When Is It Time to Hire A CFO?
June 1, 2021 at 8:00 AM
When Is It Time to Hire A CFO?

What are the key indicators what will let you know it is time to hire a CFO? If you have reached a new level of growth in your business and any of the points below sound familiar to you, CONGRADULATIONS! Now consider getting help.

  • Every board of directors or investors need to hear from a CFO when making top-level company decisions. If you happen not to have a CFO while your board is designing the firm’s strategy, you can make grievous errors of judgment.

  • Your cash flow is a glass ball, and once it breaks, it’s extremely difficult to rectify. If you find managing your cash flow is in a deplorable state, a CFO’s skill is necessary for diagnosing the specific pain points

  • As the business climate changes and strategies that worked in the past become obsolete, you need to squeeze every advantage for your organization. A CFO can help you streamline your finance function and contribute to growth. If you can’t afford or are not ready to recruit a full-time expert, using outsourced CFO services helps you to bring the necessary expertise on board.

  • With 6 and 7 figure income, you need the financial and business acumen of experts on your team. You can no longer run the business as a startup and wearing many hats as you keep operations going. Hiring a CFO will be the key to sustaining and continuing growth.